Plan Elevation


Designed by Warren & Wetmore—architects of Grand Central Terminal—Titanic Memorial Lighthouse currently resides in the Historic Seaport District in urgent need of restoration.


Titanic was classed an 'Emigrant Ship'—its victims from 28 nations. Our restoration vision reimagines the tower as a new 'Beacon of Hope'—a welcoming light inviting the global community to our city; a new cultural landmark to inspire and educate youth, immigrants and visitors alike.


Restored with its 1913 features the ‘time-ball’ will be the only working one in the US; its green lantern will be the only working lighthouse in Manhattan; the names of the deceased will at last be recorded.

In a unanimous 46-0 vote, Community Board 1 (Seaport) has approved immediate in-situ restoration.

We are currently fundraising for a Conditions Assessment to be conducted by a preservation architect.

Legal Notice: Your pledge to support the refurbishment of the Titanic Memorial Lighthouse is non-legally binding as no consideration is offered in return for the promise of a pledged donation. Upon receiving a pledge your name will be added to the Honor Roll. Your support brings us one step closer to restoring the lighthouse in memory of all aboard the RMS Titanic. FOTLR is not a 501(c)3 and donations are not tax deductible.